MM-crtica nova Registration of entrepreneurs and business companies.


– founding entrepreneurs and companies, liquidation and all changes in the SBRA (Serbian Business Registers Agency)

-accounting services for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies

-keeping business books for various types of activities

-producing all types of balance sheets (regular, consolidated, merger, division, liquidation balance sheets)

-keeping full accounting or just a part that suits the client

-organizing clients in their contact with the accounting service

-education for a better and easier way of preparing documentation



-advising when establishing your information system

-all kinds of reports in English

– we take responsibility for our work

-we protect the interests of clients and guarantee the confidentiality of data

-currier service



 MM-crtica nova Bookkeeping services, accounting services and consulting


The accounting service performs the following accounting services:

  • keeping the general ledger,

  • analytical records of customers and suppliers;

  • calculation of value added tax and all necessary records

  • bookkeeping for various types of activities (trade, construction activities, import, export, production, private clinics …)

  • treasury keeping

  • payroll, contracts and royalties

  • calculation of interest

  • registration and deregistration of employees

  • registration of service and preparation of M-4 forms

  • calculation of annual personal income tax

  • calculation of depreciation of fixed assets,

  • preparation of financial statements,

  • preparation of documents for the bank

  • preparation of all reports for the tax administration, NBS, Department of Statistics and

  • other services at client’s request


MM-crtica nova Virtual office

Starting any business nowadays is a big risk and unlessl you are sure that the business will develop as you planned, we suggest  you make a “virtual” office with us and manage your work from anywhere in the world. We offer commercial space and a range of services from which you choose the ones that suit you best.


 MM-crtica nova Online accounting

For better organization, some of our clients keep part of their accounting inside the company and send us information on the Internet, which we read in programs. In addition to this, we offer functioning through new software solutions in the field of web accounting. In this case, the service users do not need to install the program or send the data. They only need to have an internet connection. The program works on all devices with Internet access. The accounting service and the user of the service work on the same data at the same time. This method provides complete accuracy and better control of business at the same time reducing the user’s costs